Week 15

So this week I decided to work on my final in my other class which consisted of me writing a report about the use of IO in computer programming.IO language is a prototype-based programming language which means it uses objects that already created and reuse them to create a program. According to the website IOlangauage.org ,… Read More Week 15

Week 14

So this week I wasn’t able to much on focus on my human tracking due to the closing of the semester and finals around the corner. I am still trying my best to apply for a s much internships as possible. I also consider doing summer school to have a minor before I graduate.

Week 13

During this week I focused more on the final report that must be constructed before May. Right now I am trying to gather enough information from the past semester on our findings in human tracking . I going to used the poster from the  State of North Carolina Undergraduate Research & Creativity Symposium o