Week 15

So this week I decided to work on my final in my other class which consisted of me writing a report about the use of IO in computer programming.IO language is a prototype-based programming language which means it uses objects that already created and reuse them to create a program. According to the website IOlangauage.org , the IO language uses the idea of “expressiveness through simplicity”(” IO : A Programming Language”, 2011). IO language concepts can be consider simple with its consistency as well as it can be embedded and extended with ease. IO can also allow multiple entries for editing and resuming executions which allows it to be highly concurrent and dynamic . With that being said , the code that me and my partner were suppose to create consisted of creating a list into a in place heap sort. Furthermore, the code was created in Notepad ++. Next week me and my group members are suppose to get ready to write our final report on human tracking algorithms. smtKU


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